Candid Treasures Photography | About
Our concept is simple, Children are Happiest at PLAY!!! And it’s the genuine smiles, (and sometimes the pouty faces that they can be famous for) that you truly want to remember years from now.

Something that truly represents who your child is. Not the forced, “Sit here, Look there, ‘REMEMBER we’re suppose to be HAPPY’ but by the end everyone is stressed out” pictures.

Therefore, I meet you at the location of your choice….the beach, a park, your home, wherever is the most meaningful to you and your family. I then try to blend into the background and capture the essence of your childs personality or the relationships within the family as they play and explore.

Generally I photograph for a little more than an hour. During that time, your child can relax and forget why I’m even there. But I always take my cue from them, when they’re done, they’ll be sure to let us know. I will capture as many images as necessary to provide you with photographs you will treasure for a lifetime.

We’ll bring the studio to you. So for those holiday portraits or special family events, we offer the convenience of your home. Your childs wardrobe and toy box are just a few steps away. Most important, they are in a environment that they feel the most comfortable. With this combination, it is my goal to capture images that will tug at your heartstrings and put a smile on your face.